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More than 12 years experience in technology transfers, starting from the concept phase (with more than 20 capability studies and decision-ready prepared business cases), through the plan setup, up to verifiably successful project execution are the foundation for the efficient implementation of your specific business needs.

Example (2012): Award-winning technology transfer, multi-site development project with cost budget of >1MEUR pa.

These days product quality is a matter of course. As a result the according quality business processes (e.g. CIP, SPC, Q-system, incident and complaint management, ..) need to be moulded, installed and operationally anchored during industrialization projects. Technology Consulting Koch's quality expertise is based on Know-How and practical experience from 10 years work in a high-tech production environment.

Example: Process engineer for Hot-, Wet-, CVD-processes, product characterization, customer service, electrical test, statistical product disposition, project manager, taskforce head, department manager, team leader, interim manager.